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Feisou’s business philosophy is to protect water resources for sustainable development.

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Feisou’s business philosophy is to protect water resources for sustainable development.

July 19
02:54 2019

According to the statistics, more than 20 percent underground aquifers have been over-pumped so far, 2 billion people are short of water and 3.6 billion are at the risk of water shortages. 1.8 billion people lack safe water and 5 million die each year from diseases caused by water pollution. Everyone has an unshirkable responsibility for the protection of water resources, we can make efforts for which each time we wash our hair.

Daily hair cleaning and shampoo are inseparable, we can save water by using a shampoo that is easy to be degraded. This shampoo is produced to prevent oily hair from being greasy and not fluffy, and its effective ingredients are mainly extracted from natural plants, being not irritant to the scalp. Most of all, the amino acid anionic surfactants feisou shampoo adopts are mild and degradable. Containing citrus limon essential oil, grapefruit peel oil and trehalose, the product can help promote metabolism of scalp and moisturize hair. Whats more, niacinamide, which can promote blood circulation in the scalp and prevent hair thinning and hair loss, has also been added to it. 

feisou shampoo has always been avoiding using additives such as silicone oil, thickener, pigment and essence, which also explains why we can see that the shampoo is thin in water and will run off from our hand if we pour too much. Both the color we see and the refreshing lemon aroma we get are from natural plant essential oils, because containing which, once opened, the shampoo should be used up within six months, and we can tell if a shampoo has gone bad by its color and smell.

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