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Dale Kennedy Offers Financial Relief through Tax Attorney Services

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Dale Kennedy Offers Financial Relief through Tax Attorney Services

July 18
07:00 2020

Dale Kennedy offers expert tax-related legal services to residents in California, Oregon, and Washington. Kennedy is an Oregon tax attorney and CPA and implements creative strategies to help clients solve a variety of complex tax issues. He’s been in business for over 25 years and is happy to help clients in his region get the relief they need when faced with unsettling tax situations. In today’s uncertain financial times, it’s important for consumers to know they have access to a lawyer they can trust. Kennedy is committed to answering client questions and helping individuals through each phase of the tax preparation and resolution process.

Kennedy encourages potential clients to call him for services as soon as they are notified of their tax issues. The longer individuals wait to solve their issues, the worse the situation can get more complicated and lead to serious consequences. Kennedy is known for providing the type of financial assistance that allows clients to get back to their lives without the worry of being penalized by the IRS. Interested clients an contact Kennedy’s law offices for a consultation and legal advice specifically based on the individual’s tax-related needs. Although Kennedy mainly services individuals on the west coast of the U.S., he is qualified to help any client in the United States.

Kennedy’s approach to resolution emphasizes the notion that there is a solution to every tax problem. In some cases, clients are afraid that their tax issues will lead to jail time. Spending time behind bars is not usually the punishment for civil tax matters such as an outstanding balance or unfiled returns. However, some clients may feel as though they are being threatened with jail time if they are getting constant notices from the IRS or their state’s department. In most cases, clients won’t serve jail time unless they owe millions of dollars to the IRS. Kenney explains the conditions that could lead to incarceration and offers viable solutions to keep a client’s tax issues from getting to this point.

Clients who aren’t sure how they’re going to pay their taxes can also count on Kennedy for solutions. Depending on a client’s income, it can feel like paying off taxes will take a lifetime. Kennedy offers several options for addressing a client’s tax balance that is sometimes to large to pay. He can offer a settlement of the balance for less than the total amount of owed taxes. This agreement is called an Offer-In-Compromise, which is a tactic Kennedy is known for. He can also arrange for clients to make a partial payment agreement so the client can appeal to the court. Kennedy will also advise some clients to file bankruptcy as a way to pay state or federal taxes.

Kennedy also assists clients who are concerned that the IRS will take their cars, home, or property. Kennedy explains to clients how this tactic is a threat by the IRS to motivate individuals to pay their taxes, since the government has no desire for a citizen’s property and likely won’t utilize the property if it is seized.

Clients can contact Kennedy’s law office via a toll-free number for a detailed consultation and options for legal representation services.

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