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How to recover permanently and completely deleted documents, photos and videos formatted by the empty recycle bin

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How to recover permanently and completely deleted documents, photos and videos formatted by the empty recycle bin

July 20
07:18 2020
How to recover permanently and completely deleted documents, photos and videos formatted by the empty recycle bin

Recover permanently deleted files, empty recycle bin, format lost files. Aidfile data recovery software windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP/Vista. A powerful file recovery software that supports various data storage devices, such as computer hard disk, Android phone, SD card, U disk, camera card, etc.

What are the advantages of Aidfile? The software is only less than 3M in size, because Aidfile does not have any connection to the server to collect user data. For the target disk that needs to recover data, it is read-only and no write modification will be made. In this era of big data, too much software collects a large amount of user privacy information. The aidfile is a pure stand-alone version, which only focuses on data recovery functions to solve users’ actual problems, and even the interface is not fancy.

Whether it is permanently deleted by shift + delete, or deleted by emptying the recycle bin, or deleted by antivirus software, or deleted by various computer housekeepers, or deleted by viruses and Trojans, or other unknown reasons:


Other common data loss issues

The drive letter cannot be recognized and cannot be opened, indicating that it needs to be formatted.
The deep scan can be used as the same scan as the physical disk. If it is not recognized by the windows explorer, but our software can recognize it, you can also directly scan quickly or deep scan

The device is not recognized, the most common is the USB flash drive or sd card somehow needs to be formatted. In this case, the file system is generally damaged. Normally, direct deep scanning can be recognized.

In addition, the device cannot be read or can be read intermittently. On the one hand, our software supports offline retry, which may require frequent plugging and unplugging of the device. Unreadable due to insufficient power supply is very common. You need to change the USB socket or even the desktop. USB, the extreme scenario I encountered, my own mobile hard disk, all computers at home can not read, the TV can read.

There is also an extreme scenario. All the computers in the home and the USB ports of all the computers and all the power sockets. Finally, there is only the mac computer and one of the sockets, and the power of the set-top box has been changed, and it has been plugged in for up to 1 hour… To read.

The system prompts that the device needs to be formatted. There are also differences. In some cases, the device size displayed by the device attribute is 0, and sometimes the formatting cannot be successful. Even so, some devices can be successfully recovered by our software scan, but these scenarios may indeed be unreadable (still need to change usb and other ways to try).

Sometimes even if it can be read, it may fail during scanning or recovery.
So it takes patience to try to unplug.

If the device can read intermittently, sometimes the results will be different after multiple scans. Because the different results of scanning can be read and can not be read is normal.

There is also a situation that the customer encountered before, each time reading the disk is stuck for a long time or even stuck, at first thought it was a problem with our software, and later found that even if the system is directly formatted, it will freeze the system.

In some devices, if there is no error in a single reading device, each time the device card is read for a long time, this situation may be very slow, but it is not always very slow, and the slow part will be fast.

More info about cn version: http://shujuhuifu.aidfile.com

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