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Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shim Ching, Is Bringing Innovative Surgical Techniques And Patient Education To Honolulu And Beyond

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Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shim Ching, Is Bringing Innovative Surgical Techniques And Patient Education To Honolulu And Beyond

July 21
17:31 2020

Dr. Ching’s practice, Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery provides unprecedented care, cutting edge techniques and exceptional results to patients all over the world. 

Dr. Shim Ching is a Board-Certified, world renowned plastic surgeon. He runs his practice, Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery, out of Honolulu, Hawaii and is passionate about offering the best possible results to patients on and off the islands. After growing up in Canada, Dr. Ching moved to Hawaii to start his practice 15 years ago. Dr. Ching’s medical school experience left him with a keen desire to marry two intersections of medicine: practical knowledge and applied action. Plastic surgery is unique in the sense that the results are immediately apparent. While other surgeries have equally important internal results, the emotional impact of an instant transformation is profound. Whether Dr. Ching is correcting a congenital defect or providing cancer reconstruction, he is passionate about providing exceptional results that leave patients feeling renewed in their self-confidence. 

His technique and incredible results have not gone unnoticed, positioning him as the top surgeon in the state of Hawaii, he’s been ranked in Allergan’s top 250 practices in the United States, and been named one of the Best Doctors in America since 2011. While many of Dr. Ching’s patients are local to Hawaii, it is not unusual for patients to travel from the mainland, Asia, Australia and even Europe to experience Dr. Ching’s singular care. Although Dr. Ching conducts the majority of his practice in Hawaii, he takes quarterly trips to the Middle East to perform surgery and has led multiple charitable surgical missions to the Philippines and other Asian countries. 

While Dr. Ching has trained with some of the top institutions in the world, including fellowships in South Korea, Geneva, New York City, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, and San Francisco, he remains curious and passionate about finding the latest and greatest technique, learning from colleagues and other renowned surgeons to expand his skill set and in order to offer the most cutting edge procedures. 

One such procedure includes a unique technique that leaves the patient with little to no scarring. Rather than take the conventional approach to creating an incision (and subsequent scar), Dr. Ching opts to perform an endoscopic technique, using a hidden incision in the armpit which leads to quicker healing and virtually no scarring. Other new and innovative procedures include High Definition Liposuction and the High Definition BBL. This new form of liposuction sculpts the body in such a way to define and accentuate the underlying musculature. Examples of this include the abdominal “six-pack”, the muscles of the lower back, chest, shoulders and arms. While liposuction has been around for decades, these newer, high definition techniques allow Dr. Ching to offer even more superlative results for patients seeking liposuction to reshape their bodies:


Today, it would seem that more people than ever are considering plastic surgery. Dr. Ching postulates that perhaps the months stuck at home during quarantine have given individuals renewed motivation to improve themselves and their confidence. Dr. Ching aims to provide said individuals with the result they’re after, while also aiding them, and others, with educational tools and resources to improve the experience. While many of the inner workings of surgical procedures were largely unknown a few years ago, Dr. Ching has utilized social media, specifically Instagram, to tell the stories of his clients and provide informative education on the procedures he performs. He finds that creating an opportunity for potential patients to learn about the full procedure from start to finish aids many with the knowledge and confidence to pursue the surgery they’re considering. Dr. Ching’s patients can now enter into a procedure armed with knowledge, comfort and familiarity with the procedure before they ever set foot in the office. 

Not all surgical experiences are created equally, and just as one would take time and care selecting and investing in something as significant as their car or home, so should prospective surgical patients spend time researching, educating themselves and carefully selecting the surgeon they choose to work with. The best investment one can make is an investment in themselves. 

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