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Introducing Dominick Mitchell, CEO of JC ALGO, Social Entrepreneur and Corporate Analyst

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Introducing Dominick Mitchell, CEO of JC ALGO, Social Entrepreneur and Corporate Analyst

July 22
12:04 2020

Dominick Mitchell is a Canadian Business Analyst and Social Entrepreneur who is proficient in designing business models that disrupt existing markets and captures economic, social, and cultural values.

Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the 22-year-old analytical sensation created his first company with the help of his dad at the age of 13 as a Camilla Senior Road Public School student. Baby steps as it were, his business would grow when he was mentored by his high school business teachers, Nelson Damaso and Lucio Marcantonio.

Dominick’s interest in Business Analysis stemmed from having first-hand experiences creating innovative business models for his past companies. The desire to make an impact in the world prompted his social entrepreneurship.

By 2016, Dominick settled on an idea to raise capital for projects in emerging markets called JC ALGO. Over the last six years Dominick has led JC ALGO, a boutique firm that designs and implements capital raising strategies for projects in emerging markets and it’s subsidiary, JC ALGO Fund, a successful foreign investment fund to its current state of $175,000 CAD and $25,000 CAD annually respectively. On this note, he has truly started making impacts globally, and he’s just starting.

Speaking about JC ALGO Fund, Dominick said: “JC ALGO Fund is a private impact investing fund. We strive to be the investment option of choice for our partners by providing financial returns, exposure to diverse markets and early stage equity in social/environmental projects. We work openly with our investors to align their investing goal, time horizon and risk tolerance with our investment strategy that invests across a number of markets such as foreign exchange, commodities and stocks. More specifically our portfolio holds low carbon, environment, human rights, cleantech, and government securities in addition to other holdings that prioritize developing markets to exceed financial expectations.”

Dominick excels in whatever task he’s given. Ambitious and result oriented, He has undertaken many projects with distinction such as:

  • Project Newland: De-escalating Riot’s in Mexico 2018 –2019.
  • World Vision Quebec Operating Strategy 2019.
  • IBM Watson Campaign Integration 2018–2019.
  • Origin Capital Impact Investing Market Research Report 2017.
  • Samsung Canada Gear2 Watches 2015–2016.

The details of the above projects can be found on his LinkedIn profile via www.dominickmitchell.ca

Dominick is not resting on his laurels yet. Speaking of the heights he hopes to achieve in the coming years; he said: “A year from now I see myself improving my cultural awareness by becoming bilingual (English & French) thereby being the bridge between culturally diverse organizations to achieve goals & make an impact. Five years from now I see myself working as an Analyst for an Intergovernmental Organization where I can analyze international development projects. Ten years from now my fund [JC ALGO Fund] will be listed on Canadian Social Venture Exchange [2030].”

Dominick who revealed his parents, Dean Mitchell and Beverly Griffiths, inspire him among others like Yoko Gold, Alwayn Clarke, Trevon Williams, Stooie & Victor, Nelson Damaso, Lucio Marcantonio, Harvey Specter — noted that his proudest moment was being able to open the Toronto stock market with Junior Achievement and being able to pitch a project to the United Nations in New York in 2019.

Drawing from his ever-growing wealth of experience as an analyst and entrepreneur, Dominick has a piece of advice for young people. As stated by him, it’s from a quote, “Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it I say! Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows”.

This is a piece of advice he epitomizes. When observed from the prism of the success he’s achieved from his projects, Dominick is undoubtedly a man who doesn’t wait for tomorrow. According to Adina Shabahat, a Co-marketing student with Dominick: “Dominick Mitchel is a driven individual, social and get along with everyone. He’s hardworking and know what he wants to do. He has passion in him for work and will get the job done and in time. He’s always ready to get down to business and own it”.

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