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Faris Preljevic: The young entrepreneur who is changing the branding game

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Faris Preljevic: The young entrepreneur who is changing the branding game

July 22
15:52 2020
Faris Preljevic: The young entrepreneur who is changing the branding game

Business photo. Faris working on his laptop
An article about Faris Preljevic, owner of a marketing agency called 7clubmarketinng. The article describes what he does and what his agency offers

There is so much potential out there for young people to make money and become entrepreneurs. That is why one entrepreneur named Faris Preljevic doesn’t believe in wasting time, even when you’re a kid.

At a young age, Faris realized the benefits of business and financial independence.  He went from selling AirPods in his neighborhood and various local schools to doing Facebook ads as a freelancer for small businesses and a social media advisor to top CEOs in his country. Today he is the Founder and CEO of 7th Club Marketing, a digital advertising and PR agency that’s focused on empowering brands by distributing their story on top media platforms so they can reach the masses.

Marketing can be challenging for any entrepreneur or businessperson, especially if they’re new to it.

“Many of them make the mistake of focusing too much on paid advertising and classified ads and not enough on building good relationships with the media. If you have journalists and reporters interested in your company and what it sells, then they will be happy to report all the latest news surrounding your business. This will give you plenty of organic traffic you never would have gotten before.“

This is the first step he says.

“Although the press is important, it’s what you do with that press that makes the difference.“

Faris now helps brands, companies, and entrepreneurs get their own press, but more importantly, he helps them figure out a way to leverage that press to generate sales, book more consulting clients, sell more books or courses, get paid to speak and create more opportunities that come with getting published on large publications

The internet and modern technology allow so many entrepreneurs in the world to come up with great ideas that make them a lot of money. The days of driving to a commercial office to work a job or manage a business are over. Now people can manage their businesses and communicate with business partners remotely from any location in the world. This opens huge opportunities that did not exist 20 years ago.

Our agency helps you get those opportunities so that you can reach the next level in your business.

We ensure that our clients get the exposure they need to become authority figures in their industry.

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