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Twenty-Two Year-Old Genius Created a Website that teaches how to Manifest the desired lifestyle

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Twenty-Two Year-Old Genius Created a Website that teaches how to Manifest the desired lifestyle

July 22
17:57 2020
Twenty-Two Year-Old Genius Created a Website that teaches how to Manifest the desired lifestyle

This Coatesville, PA native has recently launched a brand that’s reminding people of their power within, and helping them manifest the life they desire easily.

Anna’s newest project; Manifest Easy, has already made a massive impact in the spiritual and self development communities, and the website has gotten over 20,941 visitors within the first 7 days of launching.

She says Manifest Easy’s success this early on is more confirmation that “… this is what is needed in the world and that this is the path I’m supposed to be on.”

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Her previous experience with online businesses include her very own clothing brand, which had launched with over 480 brand ambassadors and influencers backing her and her vision for the brand.

She also was a founding partner for a tech start-up in Chester County, PA called Chester County Daily – but Anna says she “found no fulfillment with my other business ventures. For me, it’s not about making money. It’s about answering this question; “What can I do to impact other people’s lives in a meaningful way, and help people live the lives they actually desire to live?”

Anna shares how her vision for Manifest Easy started by an actual vision she had – “… the vision was very clear that this is how I’m supposed to help people and provide a solution. I’ve experienced so much once learning about the law of attraction, how to shift our perspectives, and how to manifest the life of our dreams. It was time for me to start sharing all of the knowledge I’ve acquired with people…”

Part of Anna’s mission with Manifest Easy is to create a truly safe space for people to share their positive experiences and the things that they’ve manifested in their lives, so that people who don’t believe they can achieve their dreams can start to believe in themselves and feel inspired.

“We need more people doing the things they love; doing things that come from their heart” Anna declares.

Anna knew she wanted to create a meaningful business and refers often to the many entrepreneurs she’s been surrounded by. “The company my mom works for is created by and owned by a man whose kids I went to school with – she is always talking about how amazing the things are that he does for the community to give back, and how he started the company just in his garage, with nothing. That’s really inspiring to me, especially because one of the big reasons I chose this path and became a business owner was to be able to have enough to give back to the people I love.”

Manifest Easy also has a directory within the site to help people find the tools, resources and people they need to help manifest the life they desire.

Anna has said what inspired the idea to add a directory to Manifest Easy, “People are always asking me all kinds of questions like ‘Where do I find crystals’? ‘Where can I learn reiki?’ ‘How do I find herbs and palo santo for clearing energy?’ ‘Where do I find books about this stuff?’… So I created a place where people can find all of that under one roof. It’s really so important for people to have all the tools they need to level up in life and to feel confident in their intuition and their power.”

Manifest Easy’s directory contains everything you need to create the life of your dreams and change your inner world to match the outer world you desire.

Reiki masters and practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Meditation experts and teachers, Yoga studios and instructors, Crystal shops, Metaphysical shops, Holistic health practitioners and experts, Tarot and Oracle card readers, Psychics, Doulas, Numerologists, Psychiatrists, NLP experts, Breathwork facilitators, EFT facilitators, and more powerful resources from all over the country and the world are listed within the Manifest Easy directory.

Anna has also recently launched a podcast called Practicing Perspective – all about shifting our perspectives on the world around us to help us manifest what we want more easily. She says that with this podcast she’ll be sharing the gems that have helped shift her mindset to create the life of her dreams.

To listen to the Practicing Perspective Podcast go to https://www.manifesteasyhq.com/ppp

Do you have an incredible story you’d like to share on Manifest Easy? Go to https://www.manifesteasyhq.com/share-a-success/ to submit your manifestation story

Are you a spiritual business owner wanting to be added to the Manifest Easy Directory? Go to https://www.manifesteasyhq.com/directory/

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