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Fitness and scorching heat – How to survive this heatwave

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Fitness and scorching heat – How to survive this heatwave

July 23
15:15 2020

The CoronaVirus pandemic of 2020 has created a shift in economies and has changed the world order so far. Everything has taken a turn for the worst, people are losing their jobs, and all businesses are at a standstill. Despite everything going sideways, one thing has taken a turn for the good because of this whole Pandemic, which is the earth’s ozone layer has started to heal. Since the world was in lockdown, there were no cars on the roads, no factories operating, hence the toxins created by them in the air were absent throughout the period. The weather has been recorded to be more stable than last year but the heat this summer hasn’t been so forgiving. Along with the heat, what can you do to stay fit and active in these harsh conditions?

How to survive this heatwave?

Now there are many methods by which you can adopt to fight this heatwave. These methods can include applying sun-block creams on your skin to avoid getting sunburned, staying indoors throughout the day as much as possible to avoid the heat. But let’s assume you have to go out in this scorching heat on foot to let’s say your local market or grocery store, then what do you do? No need to worry, the latest technology and innovation have you backed up. Did you know that there are portable/wearable air conditioners that you can carry around with you? Science and technology have come a long way and almost everything is mobile now. These portable air conditioners are multipurpose devices, meaning they do multiple things like filtering the air you breathe, act as both a cooler and a fan with an added feature of humidifying the air like the Blaux wearable AC. So to survive the heat, you need these essential things with you at all times:

  • Sun-block
  • Sun-glasses
  • Portable/wearable Air conditioners

So let’s say you’re prepared for the weather, how can you take care of your physique and health? 

Tips to take care of your health:

When it comes to your fitness, taking care of it during this heatwave is the most important and crucial thing. There are many precautions that you can take for this, for one, you have to keep a strict and balanced diet. You have to look after your carbs, proteins, and fats thoroughly. Too much of them can be as harmful as too little of them. The first thing you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated in this hot weather and season. Essential body salts and vitamins are lost in a split second and can lead to dramatic and serious outcomes such as body paralysis and heart strokes. Along with keeping yourself hydrated, you need to keep your carbs and proteins at an optimum level. Now how can one do that? One way is to eat little in chunks every two to three hours, but the most recommended one by many nutritionists is to take supplements. Now people confuse supplements with steroids. That is completely and utterly wrong. Supplements help the body make up for crucial proteins, carbs, and fats in your body whereas steroids boost your metabolism abnormally to increase your muscle mass with thousands of uncountable risks and disadvantages.

Now if you’re taking the right supplement in this scorching weather, you can also help yourself to lose weight a bit. If you’re not looking for weight loss, no worries, you can choose a simple energizing supplement for yourself to help you go through the day, to understand more about supplements, learn more here. Everything comes down to your diet, be it cold weather or warm weather. If you’re taking good care of yourself when it comes to your diet and fitness, each hurdle in life becomes easy and doable. Along with all of this, try to go to the gym during the evening when the sun is at its lowest point. When using the gym, make sure to have your portable/wearable air conditioner with you or try going to a gym that offers air conditioning during the time you exercise. The key to survival in this hot weather is to exert yourself as little as possible and watch out for your diet strictly. Things to do to maintain your diet:

  • Keep a strict eye on your diet
  • Use supplements
  • Exercise during the evening
  • Don’t exert yourself too much
  • Try doing things when the sun is down


Now, this is without a doubt that staying cool, hydrated and maintaining your fitness in this hot weather are directly proportional to each other. You can’t just do one thing and expect the other to happen by itself. Summer is a very hard and tough part of the year, in which the body goes through numerous changes and phases. It is up to you to make those changes temporary or permanent. The heat can prove to be a life taker, for this specific purpose in this modern age you need to have an air conditioner. Given the economic terms of the world right now, buying an expensive air conditioner is already out of the discussion for many people, let alone pay for high electricity bills after that. The best and suitable option is to buy a portable/wearable air conditioner that can be both easy on the wallet and get the job done. Along with all the other essentials such as sun-blocks, sunglasses, etc. Once you’ve taken care of that, the next thing is to look after your physique and diet. Now staying hydrated is the number one priority, the second most priority is to keep a balance in nutrition. Looking after your carbs, proteins, and fat levels. Keeping them optimized is the challenge and for that, you can use a variety of health supplements to keep you balanced throughout the day. Never the less, in these tough times, you not only have to look after yourself but after everyone around you. Be it neighbors, colleagues, family members, it is your social responsibility to look after one another in these hard times. Always remember to wear a mask, keep social distancing, and follow government guidelines.

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