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Medical Detox Ontario Doctors Break Down the Medical Detox Process

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Medical Detox Ontario Doctors Break Down the Medical Detox Process

July 23
16:44 2020
Medical detox is the first step in the addiction recovery process and should come before rehab even starts, according to Medical Detox Ontario.

Doctors at the specialist clinic say that medical detox is the safest way for people to start their journey and remove their dependence to the substances they are addicted to, but they warned it must be supported by a professional medical team.

Medical detox can cause debilitating side effects and using a clinic like Medical Detox Ontario means there is specialist supervised support all the way through the process.

A spokesman from Medical Detox Ontario said that withdrawal could be life-threatening if it is not handled properly.

“Medical detox has to be done before rehab even starts. People have to be free of their dependency to move to the next step. But if people stop using drugs or alcohol without proper assistance, they are likely to relapse very quickly as they need to escape the symptoms that are occurring through the drugs or alcohol that they have become dependent on. Studies have actually shown that patients are less likely to relapse in the medical detox step of their recovery program if they take part in a medically supervised detox.

“The medical detox process can be very scary and dangerous, but at Medical Detox Ontario, we offer round the clock care for our patients. Every symptom is managed as it occurs, so patients are protected from the harmful effects of the more intense symptoms they are experiencing.“

For patients who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs for a long time, or those who have underlying health conditions, a medical detox is really the only safe option for them.

The first step for an addict is for them to accept that there is a problem, then they move on to the medical detox.

There are three stage of the detox:

  1. Everyone is assessed, including their mental and physical health, as every medical detox program is tailor-made to the person and their personal needs.
  2. Next is the physical removal of the drugs or alcohol from the person’s life and this is where doctors usually have to intervene medically. Being an inpatient at this stage means that interventions can be delivered quickly and as they are needed to prevent any medical problems.
  3. The patient is then transitioned into the treatment that is needed and this is something that will differ from patient to patient dependent on various factors, including their health and level of addiction.

About Medical Detox Ontario

Medical Detox Ontario helps people with drug, opioid and alcohol dependency to start the process of their recovery journey with a fully supported medical detox. They specialize in inpatient programs that are tailor-made for every individual patient.

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