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SleepMasters Provide a Good Night’s Sleep With Advanced Pocket Coil Technology

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SleepMasters Provide a Good Night’s Sleep With Advanced Pocket Coil Technology

July 23
17:08 2020
Canadian Mattress Company provides support for the whole body and spine with advanced coil technology.

The wrong mattress can contribute first and foremost to a bad night’s sleep. But the wider effects can range from anything to hip problems, back pain, moodiness and stress the following day, muscle aches, and even relationship problems caused by those factors or restlessness disturbing your partner. With traditional coil mattresses relying on a series of interconnected springs that exacerbate temperature and movement, conventional mattresses cannot always be relied upon to provide the optimal conditions for a relaxing night’s sleep.

With its unique coil spring mattress designs, SleepMasters aims to provide more relaxing sleep for its customers. By using separately wrapped coil springs that aims to reduce movement across the whole mattress when one person “tosses and turns”, SleepMasters aim to provide both partners sharing a bed with a serene sleeping experience.

In addition to relaxation benefits, the pocket coil mattresses also provide some health benefits to its customers. With equal support along the full length of the body, the mattress assists with maintaining natural spinal alignment with head, shoulders and hips. With the mattress specifically designed to mold to the body’s resting position, SleepMasters’ designs support customers whether they are lying on their back, front, sides or in a fetal position.

The mattresses also cite cooling properties which contribute to a more relaxed and contented night sleep. Given that body temperature makes an important contribution to quality of sleep, a mattress can make a big contribution (or otherwise) to this. With research suggesting that the optimal body temperature for peaceful sleep is 20 degrees C, the wrong type of mattress can play a part in contributing to warmer body temperatures associated with restlessness, and tiredness and moods the following day. To help address this, individually coiled mattresses facilitate a higher movement of air within the mattress which contributes to a cooling effect.

A company spokesperson explains the unique design. “We wrap each spring in the mattresses with its own fabric sleeve, which means that only springs that have pressure applied to them by the sleeper will respond. This reduces ripple effects across the bed as a result of one person’s movement, meaning the cohabitant will feel much less movement from a restless partner’s motions. Compared to conventional coil mattresses which are all connected and react in tandem to one another, the coils in our mattresses work in isolation to one another”.

He went on to add that “furthermore, the configuration of the coils means that the usual weight on pressure points that occurs during sleep is eliminated, because the sleeper’s weight is more evenly distributed across the mattress. This creates a more relaxed distribution of weight, and relaxed back and body muscles. The net effect of this is that your hips don’t sink lower into the bed as you sleep heavily, and tension is therefore relieved in your head, shoulders, hips and knees”.

About SleepMasters

SleepMasters is a Toronto-based bed and mattress store that specializes in premium quality Canadian made products and other well-known brands. With choices to suit all budgets and requirements, SleepMasters serves Mississauga and the wider area with the best mattresses to assist sleep and provide knock-on health and wellbeing benefits. In more recent years the firm has also opened a showroom in Belleville in order to provide even more customers with its wider choice of mattresses.

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