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Diego Carcano: Biography, Albums and Music Streamings

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Diego Carcano: Biography, Albums and Music Streamings

July 24
09:52 2020

The struggle is at the core of everyone’s success, and it is even more relevant when it comes to artists in the music industry. As technology is not the issue now, music artists are coming up from various parts of the globe. At such time, it is essential to remain relevant to listeners by constantly re-investing music styles, vibes, and perspectives. The audience is looking for new and unique musicians who are original. In that context, Diego Carcaño is moving up the ranks. He got over 40,000 streams for his latest album “Guilty” in 2 months. He is now working on his debut album.

Diego Carcaño: Biography

Diego Carcaño is a musician from Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is famous for its rock music. Diego Carcaño’s loves getting into several types of genres. But when he selects one of them, he works on it with all his efforts and passion. When he gets into the electronic style, he creates electronic music; when into the rock genre, he creates rock music. 

Diego Carcaño has also been a great writer. He has come up with several short stories about life and reality. But the main aim of his life is to create music that can define everyone’s life. A sad part of our champion is that he has epilepsy. His disability makes him the target of abnormal brain activities, periods of unusual behaviour, unusual sensations, and sometimes-even loss of awareness. His loss of consciousness is one of the reasons for his songs being a lot dreamy and sometimes even confusing. The words in his songs get tangled in a weird way confusing the reality.

Diego Carcaño enjoys listening to music a lot. He spends 16 hours of his day listening to songs. Diego Carcaño claims that his biggest inspirations are the other musicians and producers. He also says that what motivates him to write is his saying: “Sadness can be nice.” He says a lot through these couple of words. By writing down your bad experiences into music will make it all worthy and keep you going!

Diego Carcaño Spotify Streams

If observed on Spotify, Diego Carcaño has an average of ten thousand monthly users all over the globe. He has more than four thousand monthly users from Los Angeles, a thousand monthly users from Kansas City, and more thousand monthly users from New York, Cheyenne, Buffalo altogether.

Diego Carcaño Albums

Diego Carcaño’s first album Sanity released on 7 December 2018 with a runtime of 3:25 minutes. The album, Guilty, came out on 8 May 2020 with a runtime of 4:26 minutes. It got over forty thousand streams in just two months.

Diego Carcaño’s Sanity is a piece of calm and soothing music, more than enough to relax after a long rough day. Sanity is a rock genre of music.

With another album Guilty, Diego Carcaño expresses how confusing it is for a girl to choose someone else over him. He finds himself in a complicated situation. He thinks if he is guilty of the things happening to him. Guilty is a dance/ electronic genre of music.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1xaT8akfwqtXvBRJujaRam?si=mj3cm3k_THyAXP-7BE4vzw

Instagram: www.instagram.com/haeeison 

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