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How Businesses Can Help in Environmental Protection

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How Businesses Can Help in Environmental Protection

July 24
15:04 2020
The world still needs decisive actions to reduce pollution, and both companies and individuals can contribute to this. The article discusses the simplest and most effective ways to positively influence the environment, which everyone can follow.

The topic of environmental protection is becoming more and more important with each year. The global lockdown caused by COVID-19 had an insignificant impact on the environmental situation but a significant effect on the human perception of the problem. Photos of swans on the deserted canals of Venice have made people believe that the carbon footprint has suddenly disappeared, the Arctic glaciers have refrozen, and species dying out due to changes in the climate have quickly multiplied and restored their populations.

Unfortunately, a couple of months of suspended production and reduction of the number of cars on the streets are not enough. There is still no sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions, and we are still far from so-called “zero emissions”. The economic crisis is leading to enterprises to curtail environmental programs and turn to cheaper resources: coal and oil. The next few years could become the most severe for the environment, and all measures to save it count. In this article, we decided to consider several non-obvious ways to support the environment with the help of IT-technologies. They will be relevant for both businesses and ordinary people.

Smart technologies

This method is available to everyone – even a smart light bulb installed in an apartment saves electricity, and therefore, reduces CO2 emissions. On a city or country scale, such savings no longer seem negligible. What has an even greater effect is a complex system such as a smart house, where all electrical appliances operate in a permanent energy-saving mode, and most of the energy is generated by the house itself.

Food conservation

Many will not believe it, but emissions from rotting food products pollute the atmosphere no less than the millions of cars around the world. The problem of excess purchasing power and the formation of large amounts of waste is partially solved by food sharing. Using special applications, any store, restaurant, or corporate canteen can report surplus products. Volunteers will promptly arrive and organize the distribution of food to the needy. Ordinary people can also participate in food sharing via special applications.

Refurbishing of used computer equipment

The life cycle of hardware decreases with each new generation of gadgets, and their number increases. A cellphone or laptop, which was top-rated at the time of purchase, it has depreciated so dramatically after five years that people don’t even want to bother selling it. And if, on top of all that, the gadget is not working well, then the choice is obvious – to the dump. As for large companies, they prefer disposing of old equipment not least because of the fear of corporate data leakage.

Remarketing of equipment helps to slightly mitigate the increase in non-biodegradable garbage. Special companies are willing to pay for old and even defective hardware. Corporate clients can be sure that all data is completely deleted from computers, and if this is not possible, information storage devices are removed and the equipment goes for spare parts.

There are many ways to protect the environment, but the simplest of them is to minimize environmental damage. Read more articles on ecology, business, and IT in our blog.

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