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APHRODES opens multi-element anti-hair loss products market

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APHRODES opens multi-element anti-hair loss products market

July 16
17:04 2021

With the influence of Korean dramas, many young people began to advocate Korean skin care mode. From skin care to hair care, The huge market demand and turnover also represent the rise of “hair loss economy”. Aphrodes focuses on hair loss market and solves problems for young people!

Lowering ages of hair loss, scalp microecological care needs obvious

According to the survey, the age of hair loss shows an obvious trend of younger age. While the demand of hair transplantation is strong, it is important to solve hair loss problem from the root.

Environmental pollution is increasing, work pressure is doubling, and scalp environment is beginning to change. Hair follicle blockage, swelling itching and all become the inducement of hair loss, so it is urgent to provide nutrients for scalp care and maintain scalp microecology.

APHRODES focuses on scalp microecology

For the adjustment of scalp microecology, APHRODES seized the opportunity in time to create functional products for young people’s hair maintenance, studied useful ingredients and channels for preventing hair loss, opened up a unique way of hair growth.

Aphrodes is born in time, which effectively balance the regulation mechanism of skin microecology, accurately use in hair care field, attach importance to scalp microecology, and establish correct awareness of scalp health management. Tackle hair loss from the root by balancing scalp pH through probiotics!

Get through the road of hair growth, APHRODES opens multi-element anti-hair loss products

APHRODES products range from anti-hair loss shampoo to hair mask, then to new product hair tonic, with ingredients from 20 kinds of compound amino acids to probiotics to caffeine, which embodies the function of anti-hair loss, solving the problem of baldness, makes young people trust!

APHRODES’s success goes far beyond this. Since the launch of the hair care product series in 2020, it has solved the top priority of majority young people with its unique anti-hair loss effect and scientific and correct balanced maintenance of scalp skin, won wide acclaim from the society, and opened up the road of comprehensive hair fixation.

APHRODES not only innovated consumers’ hair care knowledge through probiotic care on the road of hair care prevention, but also opened the door to a new world for hair care industry. In the future, APHRODES will continue to go deep into the micro-ecological field and solve the problems of young people from the root!

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