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Previous Academy Award Nominee Burt Young is Being Considered for Another Oscar in 2023 for Tomorrow’s Today

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Previous Academy Award Nominee Burt Young is Being Considered for Another Oscar in 2023 for Tomorrow’s Today

January 17
19:58 2023
Previous Academy Award Nominee Burt Young is Being Considered for Another Oscar in 2023 for Tomorrow's Today
Above: Academy Award nominee Burt Young and director Timothy Hines on location with crew for Tomorrow’s Today. Tomorrow’s Today is a crime comedy about lovable grifters trying to mend their ways and is now screening for AMPAS members in the Oscars’ Academy Screening Room in consideration for the 95th Academy Awards in all categories including Best Picture and Best Original Song.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members voting for Oscar nominees continues this week for the 2023 Academy Awards. Legendary Academy Award nominee actor Burt Young (Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky), who recently won Best Supporting Actor for his appearance in Timothy Hines’ new comedy feature film, Tomorrow’s Today at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival is again being considered for an Oscar.


Above: Superstar actor Burt Young plays Luca in a powerful special appearance in Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today.

Voting for Oscar nominees continues this week for the 2023 Academy Awards. Legendary Academy Award nominee actor Burt Young (Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky), who recently won Best Supporting Actor for his powerful appearance in Timothy Hines’ new comedy feature film, Tomorrow’s Today at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival is again being considered for an Oscar.

Above: Charlie Boy (Greg Kritikos), Shakes (Dave Morrissey Jr.) and Tommy G. (Annunziato Carbone) setting up a grift in Tomorrow’s Today, streaming free on Fox’s Tubi TV: https://tubitv.com/movies/693890/tomorrows-today

“We are definitely the underdogs this year,” says Tomorrow’s Today director Timothy Hines, with an amused reference to his film’s tagline, ‘Sometimes the Underdog Wins’. “There is some very fierce competition for the 2023 Oscars, such as Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, which is a very good movie. I went to see it with low expectations, it being a sequel. And to my joy, I was surprised that it was in very many ways, better than its original. You have to hand it to Tom Cruise. He is truly a mega-star on every level. He knows the audience. Our film, Tomorrow’s Today is a small comedy with heart. I’m very proud of what we’ve done and honored to compete in the Oscars. To compare the Oscars to the Olympics, it’s fair to say that to even be in the competition is an achievement.”

Above: Tomorrow’s Today is being considered for an Oscar for the 2023 95th Academy Awards. Now playing on Amazon Prime Video: https://www.amazon.com/Tomorrows-Today-Kelly-LeBrock/dp/B0B8MWYY5C

Tomorrow’s Today is a “hilarious” crime comedy about two lovable grifters who rob a liquor store to pay a gambling debt to a frightening mobster only to find out the liquor store they rob is owned by the mobster. Burt Young plays Luca, the Astoria neighborhood sage, whose advice sends grifter Charlie Boy on a quest to help his friend Tommy G out of trouble.

Above: Jack Nicholson and Burt Young in Chinatown.

Burt Young first gathered notice playing tough thugs in such films as The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, Across 110th Street, Chinatown and The Gambler. Fiery director Sam Peckinpah cast Young as the getaway driver / assassin Mac in The Killer Elite, and Young came to the attention of then newcomer Sylvester Stallone, who cast him as future brother-in-law ‘Paulie’ in the 1976 Academy Award winning classic Rocky.

Above: Burt Young and Sylvester Stallone, starred together in the Rocky movies. Catch Burt Young in Tomorrow’s Today on Plex: https://watch.plex.tv/movie/charlie-boy-2021

The talented Young was nominated for an Oscar, and has gone on to reprise the role in all five Rocky sequels to date. Peckinpah re-hired him to play renegade trucker Pigpen in Convoy (1978) in which the director homaged Young by having his character’s truck door read “Paulie Hauling”.

Above: Hugh Grant, Jean Tripplehorn, Burt Young, Joe Viterelle, James Caan and Paul Lazer in Mickey Blue Eyes.

Young has also appeared in numerous other major productions, including Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989) and Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) starring Hugh Grant.

Above: Director Timothy Hines, Producer Susan Goforth and star Joanne Scorcia at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival in Los Angeles for the screening of Tomorrow’s Today, in which Burt Young won for Best Supporting Actor.

Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today, starring Joanne Scorcia, Dave Morrissey Jr. and Annunziato Carbone has been picked up by dozens of worldwide major streaming platforms such as Fox’s TubiTV, AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Box Brazil Play, FreebieTV, Roku Channel, Mometu, Filmzie, TCL Channel and now Comcast NBC Universal’s Xumo TV.

The grifters Shakes (Dave Morrissey Jr.), Tommy G (Annunziato Carbone), and Charlie (Greg Kritikos) up to no good in Tomorrow’s Today playing free on Comcast NBC Universal’s XumoTV: https://www.xumo.tv/free-movies/tomorrow-s-today/XM0OUERAG930MI

Tomorrow’s Today is the story of how sometimes the little guy wins when a hopeless grifter trying to reform his ways collides with a loser named Tommy G who thinks he’s a dead ringer for Tom Hardy (Venom, Mad Max: Fury Road, Spiderman: No Way Home). They rob a liquor store to pay a gambling debt to a mob boss, only to find out the store is owned by the mobster. The more they try to fix it, the more it unravels as an innocent widow and her son are dragged into the mob boss’ focus.

Above” Burt Young plays the community sage Luca in Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today streaming on Apple TV: https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/tomorrows-today/umc.cmc.3mvxy9t291gvxodskw5ub3img

In Tomorrow’s Today Burt Young plays a wise old sage who, in another generation, was friends with the hopeless grifter’s father and helps him understand the nature of friendship and responsibility to our fellow humans.

Above: Burt Young’s win at The Marina Del Rey Film Festival was a milestone for the festival as it celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Cinemark 18 and XD at The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles California. The festival screened hundreds of films Friday, July 16, through Thursday, July 22 with an Award Ceremony Dinner at the finale.

Above: Domenico Del Giacco, Academy Award nominee Burt Young and Dave Morrissey Jr. on set of the new comedy movie Tomorrow’s Today directed by Timothy Hines.

Tomorrow’s Today is directed, edited and photographed by Timothy Hines (10 Days in a Madhouse, War of the Worlds the True Story) with special performances by Kelly Le Brock and Academy Award nominee Burt Young.

Above: Director Timothy Hines with his 10 Days in a Madhouse star Caroline Barry at the Cannes Film Festival.

Timothy Hines is a visionary film director, writer, editor and cinematographer best known for bringing world attention to journalist Nellie Bly with his adaptation of Nellie Bly’s autobiographical book 10 Days In A Madhouse (2015) starring Caroline Barry and Christopher Lambert (Highlander, Mortal Kombat, Greystoke Legend of Tarzan) with superstar Kelly Le Brock (Lady In Red, Weird Science), which trended in Variety’s Top Trending movies during its Cannes premiere and was selected by movie star Geena Davis to be the opening night film for the inaugural Bentonville Film Festival Celebrating Women and Diversity. Hines, who also wrote the screenplay, hand-chose movie star Christopher Lambert to play Dr. Dent, the supervising doctor running the Asylum for Women on Blackwell’s Island in which Nellie Bly was committed. 10 Days In A Madhouse is distributed worldwide by Tricoast, Broad Green and Universal Home Video and is now everywhere online.

Above: Director Timothy Hines, Eleanor Lambert and Christopher Lambert at the New York AMC premiere of 10 Days in a Madhouse.

Hines, along with his creative partner producer/actress Susan Goforth, are also world famous for War of the Worlds The True Story (2013); the world’s most beloved movie version of H. G. Wells’ seminal alien invasion novel, in which Bertie Wells, the last living survivor, testifies to the horrors and despair he endured during the Earth / Mars War of 1900. War of the Worlds the True Story competed in the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Score and Best Special Effects, and can been viewed Worldwide at Amazon Prime Video.

Above: Director Timothy Hines and assistant director Katerina Olkhovaya on location in Astoria, Queens for Tomorrow’s Today.

In addition to recently directing, photographing, editing and supplying additional scenes and scenarios to the screenplay of Tomorrow’s Today, Timothy Hines is enjoying the success of his Pilot action thriller episode Death Wish of Chrome The Series (2020) out now on Amazon Prime. Chrome The Series is a hyper-action thriller about a runaway slave robot who stumbles into the heart of the robot underground only to discover the fate of all sentient robots depends on her. Chrome is a fast roller coaster ride of fun with deeply emotional subtext.

Tomorrow’s Today is in consideration for an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards with voting going on now.

Tomorrow’s Today premiered at the International Day of Comedy Film Festival in Los Angeles April 5th and has 27 laurels and 11 winning awards at festivals across the world. Tomorrow’s Today is the winner of the Los Angeles Cinematography Award for Best Editor, Winner Best Producer and Winner Best Song, the Winner of Best Song and Best Producer at the New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA), Best Ensemble and Official Selection at the New York Best Actor Award Festival, Finalist and Official Selection in the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, Semi-Finalist in the Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA), and Official Selection in the iDoc Film Festival, 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, Spring Grove/Caledonia Film Festival, New York Flash Film Festival, Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival, and the Marina del Rey Film Festival® amongst others.

Executive producer Dominick Martini in a challenging moment behind the scenes of Tomorrow’s Today now streaming worldwide.

“I love seeing our labor on Fox’s Tubi, Mometu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and dozens of other channels”, says executive producer Dominick Martini, “We worked into the ground to make a good movie. recuts and screening and tweaks to get it right. I’m very proud of what we accomplished and pleased that the audience and critics agree.”

Indeed, critics have fawned on the movie with reviews such as: “Tomorrow’s Today is a lot of fun and is helped by some strong performances…the movie also offers a few thought-provoking and heartfelt moments. The visuals are also accompanied by a lot of music…a lot. One of the songs, which is actually great, is the theme song (also called Tomorrow’s Today) by Susan Goforth and Sandy Chila…After a series of montages, which are all really well shot and feature the landscape of New York, a visit to his ex-wife Donna, played by every 80’s teenage boy’s fantasy Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science)…it was great to see Burt Young show up too. Yes, that Burt Young who played Paulie in the Rocky series…Tomorrow’s Today is well-made. One can only imagine the amount of effort that was needed to pull off such an independent feature, and the cast and crew should be commended for their sterling effort.” – Screencritix.

Above: Annunziato Carbone and Nicky Sunshine in Tomorrow’s Today.

And: “Tomorrow’s Today, directed by Timothy Hines, is not your typical gangster film. Rather, it is a delightful comedy feature that manages the convergence of humor and crime in the most hilarious way…Timothy Hines clearly demonstrates his apt directing skills. His story-telling adopts an experimental twist by injecting rich humor into what otherwise typically would have been a ‘regular’ gangster film, filled with gory scenes of destruction, violence and pain. However, Hines deftly balances the perfect marriage of crime and humor in a manner where neither of those two elements waters down the other; a difficult balancing act, but masterfully done in this highly entertaining film. The scenes are short and fluid, with quick transitions seamlessly edited into each other, ensuring a consistent flow of the plot,” Indie Film Ciritcs.

Above (L) Academy Award Nominee Tom Hardy and (R) actor Annunziato Carbone who plays Tommy G., self-proclaimed “American Tom Hardy” in Timothy Hines’ comedy movie Tomorrow’s Today.

Also: “Tommy G is absolutely convinced that he’s a dead ringer for Tom Hardy (he isn’t), and comedy gold is mined from his insistence that he could be an actor because of that resemblance.…the strength of the performances makes the film well worth your time…There are a couple of fantastic cameos as well. Kelly LeBrock plays a small part as Charlie’s ex-wife, and Burt Young, best known as Paulie from Rocky, shows up as Charlie’s friend Luca,” – Filmthreat.

Above: Screenwriter Frederick Stroppel is up for an Oscar for his screenplay of Tomorrow’s Today in this years Academy Awards.

The script from an idea by Greg Kritikos and written by Frederick Stroppel, (Brooklyn State of Mind), has unique twists and heart. Audiences listed the themes of the movie as, “Change, diversity, addiction, enabling, loyalty, grief, character, interracial relationships, adultery, divorce, marriage, church, avoidance, guilt, survival, good vs evil, and identity”.

Director Timothy Hines says, “This film was a total labor of love. I’m so happy its getting the response it is. I am very proud of this movie.”

“It’s The Godfather, Shrek, Sopranos, and Pulp Fiction in one,” smiles producer Susan Goforth, “It was pure joy to work with Mr. Young and this talented group of New York actors and comedians.”

Original supermodel Kelly Le Brock has returned to the big screen with an emotionally stirring heartfelt special appearance in Timothy Hines’ new film, Tomorrow’s Today.

Kelly Le Brock talks about her role in Tomorrow’s Today and how the movie compares to Weird Science Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/L6VxhN6aXrs

Kelly Le Brock, whom the phrase “Supermodel” was coined for, was born in New York and raised in London. She is the daughter of a French-Canadian father and an Irish mother. Le Brock plays Donna in the movie. She had this to say about her involvement and her role, “Tomorrow’s Today is a film that used to be called something else and I just happen to love Timothy. I think Timothy Hines is a director with more spirit and heart than I’ve ever met.”

Ms. Le Brock went on to say, “I also felt that this film was a little bit sort of like Weird Science because the underdogs end up being people that are the heroes at the end. I thought it was very charming and touching and sweet and Timothy took it to places that weren’t on the script and I just loved working with him. It’s the second little film I’ve done with him and I’m really proud of what we did.

Above: Kelly Le Brock delivers a memorable and moving cameo in Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today.

Kelly Le Brock began her career as a model beginning at the age of sixteen. She has appeared on hundreds of covers and magazines including with Christian Dior. She became one of Eileen Ford’s most sought-after models. Her motion picture debut was in the Oscar-winning comedy movie The Woman in Red (1984) opposite Gene Wilder. She has appeared in many films including the iconic comedy Weird Science (1985) with Robert Downey Jr., Hard to Kill (1990), Wrongfully Accused (1998) and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2001) with Nicolas Cage. 

Above: Gene Wilder and Kelly Le Brock in Woman in Red.

Ms. Le Brock was formerly married to actor Steven Seagal, with whom she has three children, Annaliza, Dominic and Arissa. She rarely returns to the screen and when she does it is a choice selection of role. Ms. Le Brock is a human rights activist who spends much of her time on her ranch in Southern California. She is an amazing woman/actress/model/mother, beloved by the world.

Above: Dominick Martini as mob boss Big Angie in Timothy Hines’ Tomorrow’s Today.

The movie is produced by Dominick Martini, who also plays the evil mob boss Big Angie, and Susan Goforth who wrote the title song of the film with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears songwriter Sandy Chila, featuring NBC Songland’s Maedi.

Above: “At its core, Tomorrow’s Today is a film about family, loss and love and how people can come together even in the worst of circumstances to make the world a better place.”

Above: Tomorrow’s Today Academy Award contending Theme Song Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/7tz5Q5qc1Zs

Above: Susan Goforth and Sandy Chila’s Tomorrow’s Today is competing for a Best Original Song Oscar.

The movies theme song was accepted to compete for Best Original Song, up against Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and Rihanna among other giants of music.

Above: Tomorrow’s Today Academy Award contending Theme Song Lyrics Video featuring Broadway Star Amelia Hensley – Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/JSV6_WbSmuk

Producer Dominick Martini and Burt Young on location in Astoria, Queens during the shooting of Tomorrow’s Today.

Tomorrow’s Today executive producer Dominick Martini says of the movie’s Oscar chances, “Tomorrow’s Today is the Oscar Underdog, but a nomination is 871 votes! I ask AMPAS Members to please consider Tomorrow’s Today! It’s in the Academy Screening Room! It’s worthy and it’s funny. Check it out. It’s worth your time.”

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