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Discover How To Love And Care For Curls

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Discover How To Love And Care For Curls

January 23
22:48 2023

For many, curly hair is a fundamental part of their identity and sense of self. Unfortunately, mainstream beauty standards have long favored straight hair, leaving those with curls feeling like their natural tresses were not as attractive, desirable, or even professional. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.

To combat these negative messages, the Curly Hair Empowerment Movement encourages individuals to love and embrace their curls proudly. It sends the message that all hair types are equally beautiful and worthy of love, helping people feel more confident in their own skin.  As a result, initiatives like the Crown Act in California have been created to help address these issues and promote acceptance of diverse hairstyles in the workplace and beyond.

One way for people in the curly community to come together and celebrate their tresses is through events like the upcoming Curls Gone Wild Cruise in November 2023 hosted by Curly World Travel. Curly World Travel is a travel agency committed to helping spread curl empowerment around the world through travel and retreats.

The cruise will be the first event of its kind dedicated entirely to curlies! Participants will have the opportunity to join workshops focusing on curl care and will also have plenty of chances to connect with other members of the community, all while traveling to 3 incredible destinations!

The goal of this groundbreaking event is not only to teach curlies how they can take better care of their curls, but to provide valuable lessons on self-love, body positivity, and discussions on how to navigate different cultures and customs when traveling with curly hair.

The cruise presents an incredible platform for those searching for ways to make peace with their natural curls, instilling courage within individuals by allowing them to express themselves freely without fear or judgment– something we all should strive towards!

Discover more about Curly World Travel and their mission here: https://www.curlyworldtravel.com/.

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