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Creative Biolabs Provides Professional Complement Therapeutic Packages

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Creative Biolabs Provides Professional Complement Therapeutic Packages

September 12
15:06 2019
Creative Biolabs offers a full set of complement therapeutic services and products based upon the advanced platforms and supported by a group of experienced scientists to improve global customers’ projects in relation to the complement therapeutic.

September 12, 2019—New York, US “Complement-based drug is wining the position,” said the head of Creative Biolabs. It’s true that the domain of complement-directed medicine development has entered a brand new era getting ascending attention and being generally applied. Meeting the chances and challenges, Creative Biolabs launches all-round complement therapeutic development services covering the whole complement system, and the complement-associated products.  


Complement system pathway: classical pathway, lectin pathway, alternative pathway, membrane attack complex (MAC)

Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive targets like therapeutic antibodies, inhibitors, soluble complement regulators against the 3 distinct pathways and MAC, for the core of innate immunity—complement system, including C1 complex, C1 inhibitor, C5aR, MASP-1/2, Factor B/D, C8 complement, etc.


Complement therapeutic development services: serine protease inhibitors, soluble complement regulators, therapeutic antibodies, complement component inhibitors, anaphylatoxin receptor antagonists.

Almost all substances that are crucial to the complement therapeutic can be developed with the help from Creative Biolabs’s scientific team and the most up-to-date technology platforms. Aside from the conventional therapeutic antibody, projects about the soluble complement regulator, complement component inhibitor can also find assistance. Specifically speaking, regulators like the sCR1/TP10 (Avant Immunotherapeutics), CAB-2/MLN-2222 (Millenium Pharmaceuticals), Factor I complement can be designed and delivered for complement-direct drug research. In addition, the developed inhibitors of complement components like compstatin have drug-like properties and enhanced pharmacokinetic characteristics, which can sustain drug development related to oral bioavailability and better delivery routes.


Complement products: therapeutic antibodies, serine protease inhibitors, soluble complement regulators, complement component inhibitors, as well as anaphylatoxin receptor antagonists, and other small molecules.

The served complement associated products are applicable to diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Alzheimer’s disease, age-related macular degeneration, and so on. They function as concept proof, target validation, and serve as positive controls or provide comparison information in new development of complement merchandise.


Creative Biolabs’s complement therapeutic solutions hold the competence of improving global clients’ projects at a fast turnaround and ensure qualified outcomes.


High-end technology platforms

Customizable plans


Professional after-sale support

More information about Creative Biolabs and the complement therapeutics services can be reached at https://www.creative-biolabs.com/complement-therapeutics/.


About the Company

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider established in the United States in 2004. With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs is capable of providing comprehensive one-stop services for Complement Therapeutics, whose project procedures can be totally designed to meet every special requirement, and hence to help the complement-based drug discovery research programs.


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Phone: 1-631-619-7922
Address:45-1 Ramsey Road
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