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Battling against the epidemic: SimpleCredit is in Action

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Battling against the epidemic: SimpleCredit is in Action

March 02
20:14 2020

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, the country has united to overcome the unprecedented difficulties. All the citizens, including the medical personnel on the front line, are contributing in their own way to battle against the epidemic. The leadership of Chongqing SimpleCredit paid great attention to the national endeavor, and set up a special reaction team in response to the situation in order to make strategic plans in terms of charitable donation, financial support, customer care in epidemic areas, employee safety precautions, and epidemic prevention knowledge promotion.

1. Charitable donations

The epidemic affected the hearts of all SimpleCredit employees. Individuals might not make any difference, but when to put together, their efforts will eventually converge into a big river of love. In just a few days, employees made donations, both money and supplies, all of which were delivered to the Charity Association of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area to support the prevention and control of the epidemic. More than 200 employees donated a total of RMB 25,372.54 and medical supplies including goggles.

2. Financial support

For debtor affected by the pandemic, who are experiencing difficulties to make the repayment, SimpleCredit formulated an urgent credit differentiation policy, offering qualified debtors reduction and exemption of fees for current overdue, reasonably delayed repayment periods, rolling overs, etc.

Tan, a customer engaged in aquaculture in Chenzhou, Anhui, suffered severely in the outbreak of new coronavirus. Due to road closures and declining market demands, he was unable to liquidate the fish products, resulting in overdue. Knowing this situation, SimpleCredit immediately opened a line of rolling over for the debtor, alleviating their urgent situation.

3. Customer care in epidemic areas

In order to ensure that the customers affected by the pandemic are aware of and have access to our special financial assistance policy, the customer service staff called customers with address information labeled within the general region of Hubei province, asking whether their economic situation is affected by the pandemic and whether there is a need for loan extension, informing them the policy and sending relevant documents to assist the implementation of financial policies.

4. Care for the employees

In response to national epidemic prevention and control, the company guaranteed a sound daily operation while safeguarding the safety of employees. To this end, the company made a timely decision of letting all employees embark on remote-working. Supported by the company’s technological strength and online operational edges, SimpleCredit provides customers with 24/7 services via APP, Wechat official account, etc. The virus kept millions of households closed, but it couldn’t block our online financial services from reaching the customers.

5. Promotion of epidemic preventions

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, SimpleCredit has actively promoted the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control while providing customers with healthy, safe and efficient financial services. We have issued multiple articles through the official account n Wechat called “SimpleCredit Financial Microservices”, Sina Weibo “SimpleCredit Official Weibo” on Sina Weibo, introducing epidemic prevention and control tips, guidelines, and plans to all existing customers via SMS while promoting online financial services.

At present, the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic have entered the most critical period. SimpleCredit is determined to implement the decisions made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and regulatory authorities.

We are doing all we can to help spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and keep people away from the epidemic, offering all the support to the battle against the new coronavirus epidemic.

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