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How to extend the service life of scaffoldings?

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How to extend the service life of scaffoldings?

April 02
16:50 2021

As all know, the service life of the scaffolding is a fixed number of years, in theory, it is ten years, but due to maintenance is not good, deformation, wear, and other situations, the service life is greatly shortened. Also because of improper storage, resulting in the loss of some parts, the situation also happens from time to time, these make the production cost greatly increased. In order to extend the service life of scaffolding, the user should pay attention to the following points:

First of all, to the ring lock scaffolding as an example, the construction should be strictly in accordance with the planning construction, to avoid unnecessary loss. Some parts of the ring lock scaffold are easy to be damaged, so it is necessary to have some experience in the construction of professionals, which can effectively reduce the loss while ensuring the safety of operation.

Secondly, preserving it properly. When erecting scaffolding, waterproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to avoid corrosion. At the same time, the discharge is orderly, so that it is convenient for standardized management, and it is not easy to cause confusion or loss of accessories, so it is best to have a special person responsible for the shelf recycling and storage and record the use situation at any time.

Thirdly, regular maintenance. To regular shelf daub antirust paint, usually once every two years. If the humidity of the area is large, require once a year, in order to ensure that the shelf will not occur rust.

For enterprises engaged in scaffolding leasing, extend shelf service life, can improve the utilization rate, create more profits. Of course, when it comes to the service life stipulated by the state, the user also has to do scrap treatment in accordance with the provisions, which are directly related to the construction safety and the reputation of the enterprise.

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