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Starting a Fire is Easy With QuickSurvive’s Fire Starters

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Starting a Fire is Easy With QuickSurvive’s Fire Starters

April 06
17:34 2021

QuickSurvive makes it easy to start a fire regardless of one’s surrounding environment. Campers, hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of other varieties rely on QuickSurvive’s fire starters for warmth, cooking and survival. QuickSurvive fire starters dry out wet wood, setting the stage for a warm fire that burns at 750°. QuickSurvive fire starters are closing the gap between experts and those who want to better themselves.

Starting a fire outdoors is easier said than done. If it is raining, if the available wood is wet or if the materials necessary to get a fire going are unavailable, the outdoor experience will prove quite disappointing. Fret not, as QuickSurvive is here to save the day. Outdoorsmen of all types rely on QuickSurvive fire starters to get a fire going, regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, muddy, cold or if any other inclement weather looms. In fact, QuickSurvive has the potential to be a lifesaver.

There is a common misconception that starting a fire outdoors is nearly impossible without comprehensive survival skills. In reality, even those who rarely embark on outdoor expeditions can easily start a fire with QuickSurvive’s fire starters. These unique fire starters were designed with everyday people in mind. QuickSurvive’s all-purpose fire starter has a short learning curve, is safe and designed with waterproof properties. Featuring a 30-year shelf life along with a 10-minute burn time, these fire starters are perfect for lighting campfires, barbecue grills that use charcoal, fire pits, fireplaces, wood burning stoves and more.

Instead of investing considerable time and energy gathering all the materials necessary to start a DIY (do it yourself) fire, outdoors enthusiasts can now start a fire quite easily with QuickSurvive’s fire starters’ one-step process. It merely takes one to three QuickSurvive fire starter pouches positioned below wood to be lit in order to get a fire burning upwards of 1,000 degrees. This fire-starting solution even works with wood that is saturated with water, creating an opportunity for tired, cold and hungry outdoorsmen to start a fire, dry out, warm up and enjoy freshly-cooked food.

QuickSurvive’s fire starters are the result of nearly an entire decade of research, development and hard work. The end result is a highly versatile fire-starting solution that works in all conditions. The magic lies in the fire starter pouches’ unique proprietary formula. This formula was carefully created to ensure the pouches prove functional even amidst extreme weather.

Campers, hunters, hikers and others who spend time outdoors can rest easy when dusk begins to settle, knowing they will be able to start a fire in mere minutes even if their QuickSurvive fire starter pouches are frozen or wet. This emergency fire starter is helpful for everyone who spends time outdoors, regardless of their mechanical aptitude and experience starting fires. “I use them for every fire, home and campground. Never had a problem,” said a recent customer.

More information can be found at www.QuickSurvive.world.

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