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Konrad Kaplan Preaches Consciousness With The Launch of Project Indefinitely

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Konrad Kaplan Preaches Consciousness With The Launch of Project Indefinitely

April 08
18:30 2021
Popular author and philosopher, Konrad Kaplan, explores the possibility of living forever to create the theory of immortality through Project Indefinitely

Konrad Kaplan is again looking to stir up some controversy as he develops a theory that seeks to help people leverage their consciousness and the possibility of living forever through Project Indefinitely. The philosopher and ideologist is known for digging into hitherto impossible missions and exploring concepts that seem unimaginable and he is again looking to continue in this tradition with the new theory he created. 

The controversy surrounding the possibility of staying forever young and living forever will never stop to generate discussions across the globe. Over the years, several scientists have tried to develop theories and solutions that could help in ensuring that humans, who are considered mortals, explore their immortality, without necessarily being superheroes. While these efforts seem to have generated little or no result, Konrad Kaplan has other ideas and is looking to chart a new course in the subject as he creates Project Indefinitely. 

The author of “Archedox” aims to use genetics and the power of consciousness to achieve his goal. He seeks to help people achieve awareness, know about their existence, and the existence of the surrounding world to stay alive forever. 

We are born with awareness, i.e. it is inborn and not acquired, which means that it is recorded in our genes just like our body and many other features are. Our genes make up our genotype i.e. our genetic record, which means that the reproduction of this record creates us. The process of reproducing this record obviously takes place naturally when we are conceived, but we are able to reproduce this recording by cloning ourselves,” said Konrad Kaplan. 

Konrad Kaplan is looking to bring science and philosophy together in an unprecedented manner, as he considers cloning humans to have the same consciousness as the initial person while leveraging the possibility of genetic revival to create the same individual repeatedly. 

Konrad Kaplan’s theory and eventual discovery will go a long way in challenging the status quo across different fields, including medicine, technology, and philosophy. The world awaits the success or otherwise of Project Indefinitely. However, no one can dispute the philosopher’s drive to creating new solutions for humanity. 

For more information about Project Indefinitely, please visit Facebook. 

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