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Korean Artist Yeri Hye Releases New Album ‘Beautiful Soul’

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Korean Artist Yeri Hye Releases New Album ‘Beautiful Soul’

May 04
21:16 2021
Korean Artist Yeri Hye Releases New Album ‘Beautiful Soul’
Listen to this upcoming artist’s music!

Energetic and very upbeat, artist Yeri Hye has released her second album, ‘Beautiful Soul.’ Beware! Listeners will get smacked in the face with popping colors and a burst of sheer energy with this artist’s music. The title song of this new album is “Black belt”; it contains ten delightful and melodious tracks in total. Eight songs in this album were written by the Hye, while the two remaining songs are renditions of old popular Korean songs sung in Korean. For readers who are not acquainted with this artist’s music, her music titles may seem a little strange. However, Hye practices martial arts and is a Tae Kwon do black belt. Based on this accomplishment, Hye has written her title song for the album.

Yeri Hye is more than a talented bilingual singer. She is a Zumba fitness instructor who has won several gold medals in Australian Tae Kwon do championships in the past. Describing it as one of the most challenging periods of her life, Hye loves the power and energy this martial art has given her. Above all, as a fitness instructor, she appreciates the cardio aspect of it. Embodying Hye’s energy during a good workout with her songs, she sings in the genre of pop, dance, electronic rock, funk, hip hop, and power ballad. Her listeners have loved the upbeat tempo of Hye’s music, and she has received a lot of recognition for it. The artist’s music has often been described as being positive, beautiful, and very motivational.

Yeri Hye’s music is based on her life experiences. For instance, her song “Cover of the Magazine,” a funk hip hop, was written when the artist won the National Group Fitness Instructor award two years ago. As a result of this award, she was featured on the cover of a fitness magazine for the first time. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people close to the artist and around the world have suffered. Hye wants her music to uplift them and inspire them to keep on fighting.

Yeri Hye is also a Zumba fitness instructor who encourages people to get healthy by following her fun and enjoyable dance routines. In the spirit of making people happy, the artist wants to spread her music as far as possible. Yeri Hye wants to help people become their best version, and she believes her music is a way of achieving this goal.

For more information on Yeri Hye, please click here. Hye’s latest album can be found on YouTube.


Originally from Seoul, Korea, Yeri Hye moved to New Zealand with her family at fifteen. She is also an upcoming artist with great plans and lots of energy to execute them. Trained in different types of performing arts, Hye has also worked as a model.


Main Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69KhDgdEoarrLt_CofS1Ig
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgjYZa6xETE



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