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Car addicts Auto Exotica launches game-changing car care products worldwide

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Car addicts Auto Exotica launches game-changing car care products worldwide

June 22
18:18 2021
In addition to their in-showroom services, you can now purchase pro-grade detailing products and even win a muscle car.

Auto Exotica has operated out of its Perth based studio for a number of years, where it has tirelessly provided car enthusiasts with exciting cars and provided the expert care required to keep them in top condition. From Car sourcing and sales to detailing and ceramic coating services, Auto Exotica live and breathe cars.

Their showroom in Welshpool is a treasure trove of cars and memorabilia to suit all tastes.

The brand was formed from Jay Williams’ obsession with cars which he soaked up from his late father Eustace who was involved in the development of the McLaren F1 road car in the 90’s.

Whether you drive your car daily, on the track or once a month, anyone who takes any pride in their car ownership, wants to keep it protected. Some are wary of retaining future residuals, others simply for that sheer magic they feel when walking away across a carpark and looking back at their pride and joy. The harsh conditions, acidic rain, intense UV attack, and even chemical attack from birds and bug splatter all attack your car’s clear coat, making it dull, cloudy, lifeless and in worst cases, making it peel altogether.

That’s were Auto Exotica’s bestselling detailing products step in. Auto Exotica have finally released the result of their years of expertise in their series of car care products aimed at giving car enthusiasts and professionals alike the tools to care for their pride and joy all without having to book in to their showroom.

Sitting front and centre of their new line-up is “Showroom” – a spray-on wipe-off protectant that protects car paint and delivers a shine that the most discerning owner would envy. It’s aimed at providing and maintaining a showroom shine quickly, efficiently and effectively.

A single bottle lasts multiple applications and users have even found that it hides mild imperfections in paintwork. It’s ceramic technology bonds on the paintwork forming a durable layer that enhances shine and beads water away effortlessly.

Their second-best seller, “Destiny” is a professional-grade paint protection serum. Ceramic engineering results in the molecules within cross-linking on the surface of your paint. A shell is formed, much harder than that of Showroom. So much harder that it can protect from swirl-marks, UV and chemical attack for up to 5 years. It is of course time-consuming to apply but Jay walks you through the pro steps in the application video that comes with the kit.

The shine that results is lustrous and intoxicating as water dances off it.

Following the acquisition of the global domains of their brand-name, Auto Exotica are celebrating the global launch of their exciting new range with a promotional giveaway that is giving local car lovers the chance to win what many of their fans have dubbed a “dream car” – a stunning yet imposing 1967 Camaro muscle car.

As part of their love for the local community, Auto Exotica are also donating 30% of sales profit to Variety, the Children’s Charity. For more information, visit www.autoexotica.com.

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