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Next-generation financial storage protocol CDS completes test internal testing, prepares for Nasdaq listing after main network launch

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Next-generation financial storage protocol CDS completes test internal testing, prepares for Nasdaq listing after main network launch

June 22
18:39 2021

Blockchain is becoming more and more connected to the real world. From the moment the Antchain ad appeared in the UEFA EURO 2020, people realized that blockchain technology is silently coming into life.

From 2020 to 2021, DeFi’s TVL grows from an initial billion-dollar scale to a maximum of 100 billion dollars, an increase of 10,000%. DeFi’s rapid growth shows its promising future, but it also has many problems that need to be solved.

Inter-blockchain’s inefficiency, lack of liquidity, and lack of collateral stability due to market ups and downs have all come to the fore.

All this requires a new solution.

Commercial Data Storage (CDS) is a protocol based on POTS (Proof of Traffic-measured Storage) traffic storage consensus technology and focused on financial traffic storage, dedicated to achieve trust, security, efficient problem solving and financial business development. The design of CDS combines the well-known IPFS distributed technology concept and considers the special needs of financial data flow. Finally, it is built based on the POTS traffic-measured storage consensus technology. It is designed to record and store all digital information and content of CDS-based financial transactions through smart contracts, enhancing confidentiality and security while realizing personal data assets. As a result, CDS can focus more on achieving trustworthy and secure global financial transactions with high efficiency.

What changes can CDS bring to the industry?

The POTS consensus mechanism of CDS is to upgrade the mining machine to a personal server node through the system, breaking the single concept of mining for the sake of mining in the traditional sense, truly allowing the distributed storage to gain practical application value, utilizing the idle social resources, and realizing a decentralized, safer and more efficient cryptocurrency value management and information recording system.

The core of CDS’s technical team is from the United States, dedicated to the development of payment networks and protocols in the financial sector, and applied to financial transactions between individuals and individuals, institutions and institutions, as well as the storage of financial transaction data. The financial sector includes personal, banking, securities, insurance and other industries. In these transactions, the lack of trust between the two parties leads to inefficiency, lack of privacy of transaction data, loss of financial data, and even loss of user assets due to data records not being stored safely. Trust, efficiency, and security have become obstacles to business development in the financial sector, while the privacy of personal data is being used arbitrarily without the knowledge of the parties involved in the transaction and the public at large. In order to solve the industry problems, CDS has developed a new financial traffic storage protocol based on its original technology combined with the blockchain POTS traffic storage consensus mechanism.

Decentralized Network Traffic Protocol

The CDS Orchid Protocol aims to create an anonymous and reliable payable P2P network, implemented using specific cryptographic algorithms and flexible components. The CDS Orchid Protocol needs to accomplish the following goals:

● Blockchain-based (data with sequentially packaged transactions) random payment mechanism

● A commodity specification for bandwidth sales specifications

● Inductively prove a method that makes Eclipse attacks very difficult in a peer-to-peer distributed system

● An efficient and secure hardened auction mechanism for selling bandwidth where an attacker may bid as part of the attack

● A fully distributed anonymous bandwidth marketplace

CDS has set up a trust to change the marginalization of cryptocurrencies

According to SEC filings, CDS (cdschain.io) parent company RONG TOKEN TRUST has been approved to complete the listing process using legal compliance procedures. RONG TOKEN TRUST will package several cryptocurrencies to form a trust, potentially becoming another crypto fund giant after Grayscale Fund Inc.

It will be interesting to see what the future listing of CDS will bring to the crypto world, as the bull market in 2020 is linked to the massive buying of grayscale funds.


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