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Mic Mess Next Level Entertainment’s CEO listed an incredibly rare 1/1 Blockchain Technology Lebron James NFT, days before the release of Space Jam

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Mic Mess Next Level Entertainment’s CEO listed an incredibly rare 1/1 Blockchain Technology Lebron James NFT, days before the release of Space Jam

July 14
21:05 2021
The marquee artist of Next Level Entertainment is also the CEO of the Company with a very interesting approach to his view on Blockchain Technology & Crypto Currency.

Springfield, VA – Owner and marquee artist of Next Level Entertainment, Mic Mess, is extremely confident that blockchain technology is here to stay. This is coming at a time when Bitcoin, the largest crypto currency by market capitalization is losing ground daily, and some believe will ultimately fall all the way back down to $0.

Blockchain Technology isn’t just the future, it’s here now “Says Mess”. “I’m a huge believer in NFT projects, a company I follow very closely is THETA, which. Has received numerous U.S Patents around the NFT technology and bringing it to Live Concerts, etc”. He added.

One of his personal favorites currently on the market of NFT’s is Sports Cards. Take a look at Panini for example, Mess says, they are starting to become the industry standard for Sports Collectibles. Over the past month they have been releasing limited run productions of their Blockchain Technology. These are trading cards that can’t be manipulated, every card is serial numbered, and has a story. Everyone can see who has owned it, for how long, etc. The important piece to notate however is how fast these products are selling out. They will advertise a release at 12:00, and by 12:30 the product is unavailable, sold out, and for the 30 minutes its on the market, good luck accessing the website, and actually having the opportunity to complete a purchase, Mess Says.

Built onto their blockchain platform is the ability to run one day auctions within the community, and these cards are selling, and selling fast. The demand is at an all-time high as it should be. Here is a company that has completely gotten ahead of the curb, and as blockchain technologies start to take over the world, these original NFT’s produced will climb in value like nothing that has never been seen before. A lot of scrutiny is around the current collecting model, between cards that are sent in for professional grading, that get unfair grades, etc. What made the industry skyrocket was the fact these are limited edition pieces, and adding top grades to them simply make them that much more limited. Blockchain keeps a ledger of who’s owned what, reducing reprints, and keeping the industry honest. Most importantly, it allows the new age collectors the ability to showcase their products, as opposed to keeping them locked in a safe never having the ability to enjoy them.

“A lot of the industry has made it unfair for kids. I remember going to the card store buying packs of cards for .50 cents, and getting very into the hobby at a young age. Nowadays, they literally have products that cost hundreds of dollars for one pack! It has brought into the industry millionaires, who are treating this more as an investment than a hobby. It’s fascinating to me, and leaves a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth, having young kids myself”. Mess says.

Mess, recently listed on eBay as a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia that has some collectors in awe. This is a 1/1 version of the most highly respected athlete to ever walk this earth in Lebron James. Not only does it have Lebron James, but it is the Logo man Variation that consists of the NBA logo, and produces the highest sales ever seen in the basketball market. If this were a physical card, this card would fetch half a million dollars. However, because not many people understand blockchain technology, and that it’s here to stay, and quite frankly don’t believe that this is the wave of the future, the value of this card as it sits is hard to determine. Currently, the card has a price tag of $150,000, and he doesn’t anticipate actually selling it, just fielding offers. He has already had some amazing offers come in, but nothing that would knock him off his stance of owning one of the first 1/1 blockchain logo man to ever be created, by the most dominant player of this generation. The potential this NFT has, has no limits.

“As a company we have been looking for different ways to incorporate the same technology, and utilizing this space to get ahead of the curb. It’s exciting, and seeing what companies like Top Shot, Theta, and many others are doing is inspiring. The best is yet to come”. Mess continued.

“What’s very cool about the NFT listed is it’s just the redemption card to receive it directly from Panini. He is hesitant to reveal the code, and claim the digital NFT. Whether it’s myself, or somebody else either or it’s a 1/1 piece that any Lebron James collector would want to have. Lebron is already a Mega Star and on Mt. Rushmore of NBA Players. With the release of Space Jam, it puts another notch in his belt, and I believe the best of James is yet to come”. Mess concluded.

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