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Bishop Benedict A. Dorsey Announces his First Book “B.A.D. Talking but Saying Good Stuff.” An inspirational self-help book to inspire Christians to fulfill God’s purpose for their life

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Bishop Benedict A. Dorsey Announces his First Book “B.A.D. Talking but Saying Good Stuff.” An inspirational self-help book to inspire Christians to fulfill God’s purpose for their life

July 14
21:11 2021
After writing several stage and screenplays and producing movies, faith-based content creator launches first book with information to transform the lives of Christians

Baltimore, MD – Bishop Benedict A. Dorsey is proud to announce the launch of his first book, “B.A.D. Talking but Saying Good Stuff”. The inspirational and motivational book provides insights and useful information for living the best life and discovering God’s purpose.

Unlike other faith-based books loaded with scriptures and religious doctrines, this one speaks directly to the reader in plain language. Readers are taken on a journey, where they are educated about God’s purpose for their lives, shown how to fulfill it, and along the way, they also learn about maintaining faith in their Creator to do all things well.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I asked God what was the purpose for allowing me to get cancer, and He told me it was the course for my life.   He also said my purpose is to show the world how God-fearing, trusting people live with an enemy called cancer and be victorious,” said Bishop Benedict A. Dorsey, author of “B.A.D. Talking.” “This faith-based book demystifies the Word of God and life’s application and reminds us about what God can do for us, what God can do in us, and what God can do through us.”

B.A.D. Talking is excellent for people who have been searching for answers about God’s purpose for their lives. It contains powerful revelations inspired by the Spirit of God and written down by someone who has been hearing from God and delivering the message to His children. Readers will have a total transformation in their lives and begin to live the kind of life God has destined them to live through the inspiration they will receive from this book.

Every page and chapter in the book has something unique and transformational for the reader. From the throne of God, we have been blessed with a companion book to the Holy Bible with God’s promised life changing message. The simplicity of the book, in harmony with the author’s idiolect, allows readers to follow every sentence and paragraph and understand the application for their lives.

The author, Bishop Benedict A. Dorsey, born and raised in Baltimore, MD, is the pastor of The New Light Church: Ministry of St. Luke 4:18-19, Inc.  His experience leading churches nationally and internationally has provided a wealth of content for “B.A.D. Talking.”  He has authored several plays and screenplays, directed over 100 stage productions.  Bishop Dorsey’s non-profit company, Benediction Productions, Inc., has produced faith-based movies, some of which have been screened and lauded at film festivals worldwide and are currently in distribution.

For more information, please visit http://www.badtalking.com/.

About Benediction Productions, Inc.

Benediction Productions, Inc. was originally a place where inner city youth could hone their theatrical talents and provide affordable live theater.  It has grown to be a content creation and distribution company.  It produces movies, stage plays, and theatre productions with positive faith-based messages to inspire people and encourage them to live more fulfilled lives.  In addition, the company provides live theater and produces full stage productions for religious, educational, and for-profit institutions.

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