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13 Steps to Choose the Best School In Dwarka. Delhi

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13 Steps to Choose the Best School In Dwarka. Delhi

October 26
15:50 2022

Are you looking for schools in Dwarka? 

Dwarka is a city located in South West Delhi. The planned sub-city of Delhi offers its residents a plethora of plush amenities, including some top-notch schools.

A lot of parents want to send their children to good schools. But finding the best school for your child can be challenging. There are many things to consider while choosing the best school in Dwarka for your child. Here we have listed 13 essential points to remember while searching for the best school for your kids.

1. Research All Local Schools Online

Before looking for the right school, research all the local schools online. Check out reviews and ratings posted by previous parents. Also, look at what other parents say about the school on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These sources provide insights into the experiences of other parents at that specific school. You can use this information to determine whether the school is a good fit for your family.

Ask around for friends or relatives who have already enrolled their children at this school. They might provide you with helpful information regarding the school.

2. Assessing the School Infrastructure

Find out whether the school has the proper facilities for kids. Does it have a dedicated indoor play area? What are the classrooms like? Is the environment clean? A strong infrastructure means the school is able to provide the better opportunities to its students. These include classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, gyms, auditoriums, canteens, laboratories, playrooms, etc. Check whether the school provides all the necessary amenities for your kids. A school that needs the basic infrastructure will contribute to the holistic development of your kid. 

Visit the school and check out its environment. See if the seating arrangement is comfortable. Check if the rooms are properly ventilated? Infrastructure plays a vital role in the holistic development of your child. 

3. Public Vs Private Schools

It is one of the greatest debates on which school to consider – Private or Public. While public schools are highly affordable but the infrastructural facility and the quality of education is much better in Private school. All the top schools in Dwarka like Venkateshwar International School assures the highest quality education with excellent facilities. Well-qualified teachers in Private Schools prepare the students for day-to-day challenges.

The only concern of the parents regarding Private Schools is their high fees structure. There are many international schools in Dwarka like Venkateshwar International School that deliver excellent education at affordable fees structure. 

4. Annual Reports, Awards and Recognitions

Read the annual reports published by the school. It will give you a clear picture of the progress made by the school. Don’t just rely on one source when looking for the best school for yourself or your kid. Refer the  sources such as the school website, social media pages, brochures, newspaper articles, magazines, etc. 

The school bagging rewards and recognition signifies that it is committed to providing quality education to its students. These achievements represents the strong fundamentals of any school and how they can contribute in the overall development of your child. 

5. Location

Location is an important criteria in shortlisting the schools. Always look for the school in your vicinity so that your child facilitate with lesser commutation. In delhi, the admission criteria in most of the schools gives due weigtage to the distance between the school and the student’s home. Hence, consider the school that are within 3 km radius of your locality. 

6. Curriculum

Make sure that the school follows the syllabus prescribed by the government. The school must follow the guidelines set by the Central Board of Education (CBSE). Curriculum refers to the coursework that is taught in a particular school. The school must be affiliated with the Central Board of Education, a national-level board of education in India.

7. Teacher Qualification

The teacher’s qualification is essential. Make sure that the teacher in the school has been appropriately trained. Teachers who have undergone proper training are more likely to teach your child effectively. They also help the students develop skills required for future life. Ensure that the school conducts regular training program for the teachers to upgrade their skillset.

8. Student-Teacher Ratio

Parents often ignore this factor. But this ratio is quite crucial. Ideally, the number of students per teacher should be around 30:1 in the primary classes. It means that the teacher will be well-rested and can provide quality time to every student.

9. School Fees

School fees are another essential aspect to consider before enrolling your child in a school. A school charging hefty fees does not necessarily imply quality education. Compare the fee structure with amenities offered to find out which school offers the value. International schools offer better amenities, good infrastructure and excellent facilities, thus costing high as compared to the public schools in the locality. 

10. Safety Measures

Safety measures are essential. It would help if you ensured that the school was safe for your child. Look at the safety features like security guards, CCTV cameras, fire exits, emergency phones, etc. The school must procure the Fire NOC and other building safely compliances to ensure the safety of its students. The building structure should be officially sanctioned by the Delhi Development Authority. 

11. Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)

Extra-curricular activities are those activities that take place outside classroom hours. These activities include sports, music lessons, dance lessons, drama clubs, art exhibitions, etc. They play a crucial role in the overall development of  your child. It helps in learning the new skill set. Check whether these extra-curricular activities are available in the school.

12. Transportation Facilities

Transportation facilities are equally important. Ask the school how they plan to transport your kids to and fro. Is it through public buses or private cars? Do they offer any other transportation facility? School transport facility is the most reliable way to commute. 

13. Availability of Playground

Playgrounds play an essential role in developing the physical health of your child. They encourage the students to pursue sports that contributes to their physical fitness. Afterall, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Especially, if your child has a keen interest in sports like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, etc, you should choose a school offering such sports activities. 

Over the last decade, premium International schools like Venkateshwar International School have uplifted the quality of education in India. Their holistic approach to the overall development of kids has made them one of the best schools in Dwarka. They not only offer the strong infrastuctural facility but also focus on co-cirricular activities to shape up your child’s future. 

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