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Swop Its: A line of brand-new children’s collector toys that put an end to mindless fidgeting

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Swop Its: A line of brand-new children’s collector toys that put an end to mindless fidgeting

January 03
22:00 2023
Swop Its launches all-new educational calming toys, a family of magical characters with unique heart powers that teach emotional intelligence through play.

Children are quite imaginative; right from the beginning, they build little worlds with the toys available to them. Children’s toys keep kids entertained and engaged and introduce them to many learning experiences. There are so many varieties of toys for different age groups. In recent years, as the toy market has grown and toy functions have broadened, educational toys have emerged. From teaching kids about colors, sounds, reading and writing, these toys help with a child’s early development.

Despite the increased variety of toys, there haven’t been as many toys created for hyperactive children. Swop Its introduces a new line of collectors toys that help children develop their emotional intelligence through play. Swop Its is a family of magical characters that each have heart powers. These toys are great for ADHD children, autistic children, Asperger’s children and generally difficult children who often fidget.

Many educational toys available for kids teach them how to do things but do not show them how to think through situations. The push, click, tap, pop and other toy commands stimulate muscle memory but neglect thinking. Swop Its calming toys are created to teach kids to be aware, insightful and emotionally intelligent. Swop Its family of characters helps establish an emotional connection that reinforces the child’s learning without just being addicted to repeated actions.

Swop Its features characters like Alma, an autism sensory toy that helps relieve stress and provide endless fun. The bubble pop fidget toy is ideal for the mental development of kids, with the popping sound relieving fatigue and bolstering concentration. For scared-of-the-dark children, Swop Its features glow-in-dark hearts that serve as kids’ companions during nighttime. The luminous heart is also interchangeable to help kids learn when switching hearts with other characters. Besides Alma, there are 21 other fantastical push-pop fidget characters. These Pop Its calm children as they push the Pop It bubbles and learns about each character’s powers and personality.

By creating a one-of-a-kind collectors toys line like Swop Its that promote emotional and mental development through play, Swop Its guarantees an end to mindless fidgeting. The company is helping kids be more involved in their play. Swop Its are a better way to learn emotional intelligence through interactive play that builds a stronger developmental foundation.

Safety is a top consideration for parents when buying toys for their kids. Swop Its is designed to be a safe toy for kids of all ages. The pop fidget toys are resistant to bumps, cracks and pressure but are also soft and huggable. With the launch of the Swop Its toys, the company is excited to have kids interact with the characters, choose favorites and unlock the heart powers of each character.

The toys are also quite affordable, available individually or as a collection. Visit Swop Its to learn more.

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