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Cedric D. Fisher & Company is Set to Release Donald Glynn, Jr.’s Debut Book, “Shut Up and Work”

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Cedric D. Fisher & Company is Set to Release Donald Glynn, Jr.’s Debut Book, “Shut Up and Work”

January 04
22:56 2023
Donald Glynn Jr.’s new book, Shut Up and Work, will be released with a giveaway organized by the book publishing company Cedric D. Fisher & Company, where they will give away a Kindle Fire tablet computer to one lucky winner

Cedric D. Fisher & Company is pleased to announce that all is set for the launch of Donald Glynn Jr.’s new title, Shut Up and Work.  The book, which is Donald’s first as an independent author, will be published by Cedric D. Fisher & Company Publishers.  It’s a roadmap that guides the reader onto the path out of the 9-5 rat race, with the end goal of becoming financially and personally independent. In the book, Donald refers back to a lifetime of experience and wisdom to give readers a detailed breakdown of what it takes to take command of their own lives. 

“If you dislike where you are on the corporate plantation, then hopefully this book will motivate you,” said Mr. Glynn, ahead of the book’s launch. Born in Texas and having experienced a troubled childhood, Donald Glynn Jr. has had his fair share of adversity. He grew up without a full-time father as his parents divorced. Also, going to high school was a challenge for Donald, and he later dropped out of college.

Donald’s story only worsened after leaving higher education. He had no direction in life and started to become frustrated with his situation. This was, until, he decided to make his own fortune, instead of waiting for fortune to come his way. That decision, ultimately, changed his entire outlook. Today, Donald is a self made man, financially independent, and a sought after success coach. In his book, Shut Up and Work, Donald highlights real life tales of surviving, thriving, and eventually leaving the 9-5 workforce.

His stories feature vivid recollections of horrible bosses, workplace politics, and toxic work environments. Donald finely combines all these items in an entertaining but sobering manner, making it highly relatable while teaching the right consciousness and mindset within the hearts of readers. Every page leaves the reader hungry for more, and by the end of the book, they’re fully equipped with what it takes to “fire their boss” and take their productive years back into their own custody.

Shut Up and Work is a worthy read for anyone who’s frustrated with their 9-5 grind and wants more out of their work, time, and productivity.

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For over four decades, Cedric Fisher has been a career publishing executive, leading publishing authority, author, and instructor. He has provided expert leadership for publishing operations in New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and New Mexico. In addition, Fisher is a professional speaker. He and his team also teach online writing and publishing workshops.

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