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Dr. Jizel Alazzam Has Earned The Title Of The Best Dermatologist In The United Arab Emirates

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Dr. Jizel Alazzam Has Earned The Title Of The Best Dermatologist In The United Arab Emirates

January 24
02:54 2023
With her treatment of patients all over the Middle East, Dr. Jizel Alazzam has made a name for herself as the best dermatologist in the United Arab Emirates. From scar treatments to alopecia, she works hard to help all of her patients with the right treatment options.

The right dermatologist can make huge changes in one’s life. Many people struggle with issues like eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, and more or have lasting scars from cuts, burns, and other injuries. Dealing with these on a daily basis can be painful, and many feel embarrassed for others to see it. With the right treatment, one can begin living with less pain and feel more confident in themselves.  

Dr. Jizel Alazzam has been working as a dermatologist for almost ten years with vast experience all over the Middle East. Her patients receive the best care and treatment from her expertise and caring abilities.  

Dr. Jizel Alazzam’s history and experience 

Dr. Jizel Alazzam began her career in 2014 at the Red Crescent Hospital in Syria. During this time, as she worked in the Department of Dermatology in the Venerology and Cosmetology area, she treated patients from Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Jordan.  

The main treatments she administered at this time were for burn scars, and shrapnel left over from those who had been in war. Her crucial assistance aided in helping to fade and heal scars as well as ensure less pain from those injuries moving forward.  

She spent time working at the Royal Beauty Clinic in Syria, as well as the Vinous Clinic, before opening her own dermatology clinic.  

In addition to treatments for burn scars and shrapnel, Dr. Jizel Alazzam took on numerous challenging cases. One such stand-out patient was a woman with a severe case of alopecia that encompassed her entire body. Dr. Jizel Alazzam was able to treat this patient with a variety of methods, aiding her in recovery.  

Dr. Jizel Alazzam has traveled to numerous other countries, including Qatar and Germany, to both discuss the treatments she has provided and take continuing education courses in cosmetic courses that furthered her knowledge and skills. This additional education helped her both with dermatology treatments and cosmetology.  

Most recently, she relocated to Dubai, where she works as the Medical Director at Age Medical Center. It hasn’t taken her long to become a well-known name in dermatology, as she’s considered the best dermatologist in the United Arab Emirates and one of the best doctors. She’s spent almost a decade gaining this reputation and aims to continue to improve and develop her skills and knowledge.  


Dr. Jizel Alazzam has already made a name for herself with her superior treatments, but she’s not stopping there. She intends to continue to hone her skills and eventually become the top dermatologist and cosmetologist in the Middle East. She’s well on track to get there with her experience and skill, as she’s recognized across numerous countries.  

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