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PAIRE: A more human approach to real estate

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PAIRE: A more human approach to real estate

January 24
23:15 2023

In all the ways we’ve grown accustomed to  experiences  that  are  digitized, personalized and frictionless, real estate remains a manual process that can be intimidating and complex to many. Having partners you can trust is the key to not only understanding the process and fees with transparency, but also unlocking an appetite to buy and  sell  in  the  future,  which  unequivocally  has  been  proven  to grow generational wealth.

That trust is exactly what a new company called PAIRE is hyper-focused on.

PAIRE (which stands for Partners in Real Estate), is built by husband and wife co-founders, Danny and Sophia Rosenberg. They believe what’s missing  from  real estate today are services that are human (not intimidating), curated (personalized

and not complex), and exciting (not stressful). As such, they are creating platforms and services for the next generation of home buyers and sellers that do just that.

The first phase in  their  mission  towards  a  new  approach  to  real  estate,  is  focusing on helping buyers and sellers find the RIGHT  agent  for  them.  While  there  are  a handful of companies that recommend agents to  users,  they  have  a  very straightforward, vs. personalized approach, matching people   with   “top   agents”   in the area. PAIRE’s unique and bespoke surveys, much like that of a dating app or customized  fitness/nutrition  plan,  customize  the  journey  based  on  the  answers  of the user with the intention of servicing, buyers, sellers, investors as well  as  agents looking for  the  right  agent  in  another  market  for  a  valued  client.  The  surveys capture pertinent information  for  PAIRE  to  use  their  customized  search  approach, and note design as the missing bridge. “A person’s design preferences are an extension of themselves, much like a home is. By prioritizing design, architectural and lifestyle preferences, we can ensure people find the agents that speak the same language, whether it be for personal use or an investment,” they say.

Another major difference is SPAM. No, not the meat-like product. Much of the real estate industry hinges on lead generation and as such, many sites (real estate and mortgage)   will   immediately   share   your   information,   ultimately   leading   to   endless calls from agents   and   mortgage   brokers.   PAIRE   does   not   share   your   information with anyone other than the agent you’ve selected. “A major consumer pain point in the process is spam calls. It’s understandable that agents and lenders will reach out as the industry prioritizes leads, but it can be overwhelming and off putting for users. To ensure PAIRE’s services remain personal and private, your interest in real estate and information will ONLY be shared with the agent you choose.”

In the beginning, PAIRE promises to take 24-48 hours to source and refer agents to its clients but the goal is with growth over time, and a certified agent community of their own,  they’ll  shave  away  at  that  so  you  can  connect  instantaneously.  But for now, they say, quality referrals take time. But not much time at all when you consider the magnitude of buying or selling a home.

And most important to note, PAIRE offers this service to consumers completely free of charge. No cost, no obligation. Upon the closing of your property, PAIRE would get a standard referral fee from the  agent  but  there’s  no  additional  cost  to consumers to use their agent matching “concierge” service.

The pair (pun intended) has also   started   helping   people   with   commercial   leases and residential rentals in larger markets. “It goes to show how complex the process is and how much demand there is for people to find someone they trust. And we are set up to support people’s search, no matter what stage they’re in.”

Danny and Sophia have a phased approach to their long term vision, which also includes a consumer app, a foundation to help people realize the dream of home ownership, and a multitude of services that help make real estate feel  more accessible. Please follow along to see their match stories on instagram and tiktok, and if you’re looking to buy or sell a home for any use in the US in 2023, visit pairemeup.com to let them help you find your way home.

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