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Increase the Sales and Customer Engagement of Shopify With TITANPush

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Increase the Sales and Customer Engagement of Shopify With TITANPush

November 21
00:33 2023

In today’s world, companies spend a lot of money driving traffic to their sites, but many times they don’t know how to get the most out of it. Added to this, competition is increasingly fiercer and customer attention is less. Therefore, to be successful in an environment with these qualities, online stores must-have tools and solutions available to stand out in this highly competitive market.

One such tool that has been revolutionizing the way online businesses connect with their customers is TITANPush. This article shows the benefits of using TITANPush on Shopify store and how it can help increase sales and customer engagement.

What is TITANPush?

TITANPush is a digital solutions app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify store. It has more than 9 tools that are designed for the acquisition of traffic to the site, on-site conversion, and the return of users to the site. All its solutions have the objective of increasing the sales of an online store and improving the user experience.

Next, are some of the benefits of using TITANPush in Shopify:

1. Generates an increase in Conversion Rates

One of the most notable advantages of TITANPush is its ability to increase conversion rates. Push Notifications allows sending personalized and relevant messages to customers, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with online stores. At the same time, other tools such as Most Popular show the products trending on the site, Banners, Chat Pop, among many others, generate users to make more interactions on-site, increasing conversions and thus, purchasing possibilities.

2. Promote Customer Engagement

Keeping customers engaged is essential to the long-term success of the online store. TITANPush with Push Notifications allows sending relevant and personalized notifications to the customers, helping to keep them interested in the products and the brand, it helps to inform them about sales, new products, or special events, keeping them in the purchasing cycle and increasing their loyalty. In turn, through the Recommended tool AI will ensure that its users are constantly seeing new products that suit their tastes and interests. And finally, with History they will be able to have nearby the products that they were previously interested in, all of this improves the customer experience and commitment.

3. Reduction of Abandonment Rate

One of the most common challenges faced by online stores is the abandonment of their web pages. Customers enter the website, and see some products but do not take any specific action. With the Exit Pop Up, which is a notification that will appear to users in the middle of the web store, it encourage them to take action before withdrawing. It allows merchants to configure the message, announce through a new section, or a discount code to boost the purchase.

4. Intelligent Automation

Automation is key to saving time and resources. TITANPush allows the scheduling of push notifications based on customer behavior and purchase history. This ensures that messages are delivered at strategic times, maximizing their effectiveness.

5. Monitoring and Analytics

TITANPush app provides a wide range of tracking and analysis tools. This helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the e-commerce strategies, better understanding of customer behavior, and making informed adjustments..

How to Get TITANPush for the Shopify Store

Getting TITANPush for the Shopify store is quick and easy. Simply visit the Shopify app store and search for TITANPush. Once the app is installed, configure it and start enjoying the benefits of TITANPush.

In short, TITANPush is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the marketing and sales strategy of Shopify stores. From increasing conversion rates to boosting customer engagement and reducing churn rates, this app offers numerous benefits that can make a difference in the success of online businesses and e-commerce. 

Download TITANPush by clicking here and experience first-hand the benefits that this powerful tool can bring.

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